Tuesday, May 22, 2012

day two

Ok, so no picture again. However I did get a new scale because ours wasn't working correctly. Turns out the number was even worse than I thought. I've got a long way to go! I thought I was better than I was. Anyway, that was a little bit of a depressing way to start the day. I would LOVE to lose 40 pounds, however I will be very happy with 30. This morning I had a banana and almonds. Lunch I had my veggie wrap with hummus. Dinner we went over to my brothers house and everyone was having hamburgers. I had bought some veggie burgers at Trader Joes and was planning on eating those, however when I went to grab one today I noticed they had eggs in them. So, I had lettuce with a tomato and guacamole! I also had some watermelon, and some broccoli slaw. For snack when I got home I had hummus with carrots. I came in under 1200 calories but I never put in my creamer so I'm sure I was closer to that 1200. I haven't decided how often I am going to weigh myself. Part of me says wait until Monday and see what a week did, the other part wants to keep weighing everyday! I will try to get pictures tomorrow. Since I have so much to lose I am praying this works this month and then I will keep it up for longer (but still just going for the 30 days.)

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