Monday, May 21, 2012

Beach Trip

Over Etta's track out we went down to the beach for two days. It was such a wonderful break to be out of the house and not worry about anything. Randy did not work and I did not do school so it was great. We went to Wilmington first and went to the aquarium. The kiddos loved it. I knew Ender and Julietta would love it, but we had no idea how much Kyleigh would love it. Kyleigh is our little animal lover. She sees a cat or a dog and she freaks out laughing and it will cash it. She has no qualms about sticking her hand on a dog or cat. So she stood at the window watching the fish and just pointed and laughed!

After that we went out for dinner on the beach. This was great in theory, but I need to keep remembering that eating out somewhere other than a fast food restaurant is just not for us right now! We also left Kyleigh's bottle at the restaurant so, Kyleigh is officially weaned off her bottle. She did not drink much at the beach but she is doing good now!

The next day was our beach day. Randy and I were stupid and did not put lotion on us so we ended up looking like lobsters, but the kids did ok with the sun. Kyleigh freaked out about the waves and they scared her to death. She spent 90% of the day in my lap with her face buried in my chest. Our day was also interrupted by about 15 jelly fish. Over all the kids had a marvelous time and it was wonderful to get away as a family.

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