Monday, February 22, 2010

a video about the dive team

Saturday, February 6, 2010

fun with our web cam :)

This is the diver fruit snack that J-Bug loves to eat because they are daddy!

Also here's a picture of my new hair :) Randy won't check the blog so I can post it here! It's just a picture on the computer so it's not as good but ya know :)
and here's one of julietta and ender:
julietta's throwing the peace sign :) haha

5 months already?!

Wow. So Ender is 5 months old! This of course happened last week, but my life has been pretty hectic so now will have to work!
Ender has not changed that much since he turned 4 months old. 5 months just sounds a lot older and I'm not sure why.
Ender now is eating some rice cereal one to two times a day. He still nursing 7 times a day. His schedule is bed time around 8:30, a feeding around 10:30-11:00, a feeding sometime around 5, and then wakes up around 8:00. Then during the day he eats every 3 hours. We are still working on naps. He wakes up crying after about 30-40 minutes of a nap. He still hasn't taken a good time since he was 2 months old! Talk about frustrating!
We have determined that Ender has a milk protein allergy. He has always been fussy and had eczema and I never really thought about it. Well his body eventually broke out all over. He had scabs all over his body and was waking up about 4 times in the middle of the night. So I did some research and talked to my sister-in-law (Sawyer had it too) and thought well it's worth a try. So I took all dairy out of my system. Ender's skin cleared up within 2 days. It was amazing. He never had soft skin, and he has soft skin now! So, that was better and his fussyness and night sleeping has gotten a little better, but not his daytime sleeping. I've tried a lot even nursing him when he wakes up, and then nursing him before he takes a nap (no success).
I took Ender to the doctor this week and he agree with me about the allergy. He said he wanted me to try soy to make sure he wasn't allergic to that too. Ender had gained 1 pound and 2 ounces since he was 3 months old. Not a ton, but the doctor didn't seem worried about my supply. He said we'll check it again at his 6 month appointment. I've thought about supplementing some and seeing if that'll help. I did buy a bottle (first year breastflow) and Ender did take some out of the bottle, so that's good. At least now we can leave him for more than 2.5 hours!
It's been pretty stressful because Ender just cries a lot during the day. He doesn't really cry if I hold him, but I can't hold him all day long and I'm just having trouble getting school done, and keeping up with the house and all. And of course on top of that Randy is gone and we have no real idea of when he is coming home so to say the least I am stressed!
But, when the boy is happy he is such a joy! He has a great smile, and is so tickleish. He laughs and squeals a lot too! He loves to snuggle! He hasn't rolled over yet, but he'll roll on his side from his back, he just hates going on his tummy! He loves to put everything in his mouth and loves to grab at everything. He is such a boy, if you put a remote close to him he gets really intent on it and tries to grab it and push buttons! He also loves to watch football with Randy. I put on a baby einstein the other day to try to give me a break and he wasn't that into it! He also can grab his feet now.
This is a long post with lots of rambeling, but wanted to catch up on the blogging :)
Here's some pics I took today of Ender man :)

Showing how he can grab his toys. look at that serious face :)
smiling at etta :)i love this one! he is kickin his feet up and going "ohhhhh"

Friday, February 5, 2010

more pics of rands

Here's a new picture of Randy in Haiti. The guy in the middle is a Haitian diver that they had to help because he got the benz.
Randy got hurt yesterday on the boat. He is okay, just hit his head on something on the boat and cut it open. He had to have some stitches and he can't dive for 10 days.
Our new timeline is 10 weeks from today. I am praying not, but preparing so.