Saturday, May 26, 2012

day 6

So today was good. I had a smoothie this morning. It was a banana, mango, strawberries, spinach, and coconut milk. It was delish :) Then I had some pit chips and hummus as a snack this afternoon. Before church I had a banana with peanut butter. And then for dinner I did get Qdoba. But I had it vegan. I got the naked veggie bowl. I did not put cheese or sour cream on it. BOO... :) It was good though! Mentally I was struggling today because I am just down that it hasn't shown up in the scale. I really was expecting a pretty big drop the first week and to have nothing is just bumming me out. So the goal is to only weigh myself on Monday's and just go from there. We are going to look at some gyms this week and see if there's any way to swing that. I really need to be working out and working out hard. I don't think my 30 minutes videos or jogs are going to do it.

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