Monday, March 21, 2011

changes and new things

So pretty much all my married life I have wanted to do two things. I have either been really lazy or just haven't gotten around to doing them. Well that is changing THIS week.

I have always wanted to learn how to cook. I'm not talking about preparing food. I know how to do that. I technically cook for my family every night but I don't ever do fun stuff or crazy concoctions or use anything other than really chicken or ground beef. After listening  a little too much to Top Chef and me saying man I wanna cook, my wonderful hubby said Do It! He even called his Aunt and Uncle who are amazing cooks and said what do I do to get her started. They said to go on Food and just go! So..... that's what I did. I've been addicted at looking at recipes and I have come up with 6 new ones for this week. I am very excited about this and I know in about a week I'm going to be asking for very early birthday presents in cookware! My pots and pans are either damaged or lost from moves, and my knives are on their way out too. (I lust after the Rachel Ray pots and pans!)

Anyway, one of my other desires is to run. I know I might never really want to run marathons or anything like that, however I would love to just be able to go outside and run for 30 minutes straight without dying! So.. I'm doing it! I have to go buy new running shoes... but as soon as we make it to the mall I am hitting the pavement. I bought an ap for my phone that is couch to 5k in 9 weeks. I know you might say really Amy you can't do a 5k, it's sad but true I am no runner AT ALL! This is what I want to change. I really think once I get over the initial shock of my body hurting I will really enjoy it and the time away outside, and also I am hoping this helps in the weight department! (20 pounds still to get off until I'm at where I was when Randy came home from Haiti and I want another 10 on top of that!)

I will keep you up to date on all my cooking and running adventures! Feel free to keep asking me about it. The cooking will stick because well let's face it I love to eat, but the running I might need some motivation on ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ender at 18 months

I haven't posted a lot on Ender lately since well let's face it I don't have much time during the day these days! But for my sake I wanted to put down a little bit about what Ender is like these days. He is a hoot! Ender has four of his first molars. All four of his canines are breaking through as well (teething has made him rather cranky the past few months!)

Ender loves his sisters. Mostly his Etta (or as he says Yetta! He's in his crib right now trying to wake her up yelling at her!). He has become all boy (maybe I should say more boy) since he has always been ALL boy. But he runs up behind Etta and will grab her by the waist and tackle her! He has tried to do this to me as well however, I don't fall to the ground too easily. He loves to sit by Kyleigh and say hi to her, and the way he says Kyleigh is too sweet. It sounds like Kyyyylay. He can not be trusted in the same room though without adult supervision. The other day he wanted her binky out of her mouth and she wouldn't give it up and he hit her face!

He has started talking a mile a mninute. He is putting two words together as well. Today was ewww stinky. He also says eww gross, bye bye, hi kyleigh, go go go, and several more. The funniest thing that he says is Barbie though. I believe this happens when you have an older sister that loves all things pink. He picks up her barbies and walks around them saying the name. Also, when we were at Target he passed by the pink shelf and said Barbie! He loves balls. Ender especially loves basketball. He will stand and watch the big boys play for a long time. Ender also loves Veggies Tales. He says bob and larry (which sounds like bob and lilarly).  He has started to try to sing along with the theme song!

Anyway, that's my boy. I don't have any stats because he hasn't gone to the doctor yet, but he is my buddy!

Here he is trying on Julietta's Hello Kitty rain boots (he also loves shoes!)  and dancing to Veggie Tales :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 week pics that Laura took!

Laura took these of Kyleigh at 2 weeks old.

Friday, March 11, 2011

6 weeks old!

Kyleigh is 6 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast it is going by. I want it to stop and slow down. Seeing how fast this has gone by, and then looking at Ender and feeling like we were just here with him, and then seeing how big Julietta is, just makes my heart almost hurt. These years are so precious. I already feel like I've squandered time! I am pretty sure every mom feels that at some point. I don't think you can ever soak in as much as you want.
Anyway, Kyleigh is doing really good. Since I've cut milk out her rash on her bottom has cleared up, and we haven't had any more projectile vomiting! I did have a trace amount of milk one day and the next she was very fussy. However, it's hard to tell how much is milk and maybe what was a growth spurt! Napping is still hit or miss. She sometimes takes wonderful naps and other times still fights it so hard. Yesterday I started my internship and she slept the whole time at my moms, and we got home and she didn't take a nap the rest of the day! Nursing is still going great. Sometimes she gets really frustrated at my let down and how fast it is so she pulls away upset. She has gotten crazy fast. I am looking forward to her two month appointment to make sure she is gaining weight properly because she only nurses for around 8 minutes on one side and sometimes doesn't even want the next. I am thinking about going to a nursing meeting here in Raleigh. Maybe that would help! Night time sleep is different one night to the next. Some nights we are still every 3 hours and then like last night she did a 6 hour stretch and a 4 hour stretch! I am pretty much doing a demand schedule with a little bit of what I believe is important in babywise. I am not letting her go past 3 to 3.5 hours during the day and letting her go whatever at night. I won't let her go longer than that 6 though and I am thinking I might cut it down to 5. I really want to maintain some night time nursing to help my supply. But again she only nurses for 8 minutes sometimes and then sometimes doesn't do the other side. Kinda weird!
We still have no smiles from her yet.... I am looking forward to that so much. She doesn't really like anything put for us to hold her. She doesn't like her swing, or her bouncer. She can not be on the floor either because Ender is too rough! The other day he tried to pull her binky out and got mad when she wouldn't give it up and he smacked her face! Ouch!
I have lost 2 more pounds, so now I have 18 to go til pre-pregnancy weight! wow! But, now that we're at the 6 week mark working out has started. Hopefully I'll have more to report in that area :)
I am feeling great with no post pardum this time.  I haven't even had any baby blues which is awesome. This has been the best over all which makes me a little sad that I did get my tubes tied. I just keep trying to remind myself that we were advised by my doctor that I shouldn't have anymore, and trying to remind myself that the pain from my SPD was debilitating.
Anyhoo.... here's a picture from today.... I think she's getting bigger huh?!

one month pictures