Friday, May 20, 2011


So the other day we were watching a space show, and Julietta asked what a solar system was. Randy told her and then she said very matter a factly "well you know daddy, mercury is the closest to the sun and so it's the hottest."   (ummmmmmm)  :)  just had to put that in writing so I wouldn't forget !

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Last night mom and I went to a banquet for Bethany Christian Services. This is the adoption agency that my parents adopted me through. It was a fundraiser but I was really moved.
I did not take notes so I don't remember exact stats but..... if one out of every three Christians were to adopt an orphan there would be no more orphans in the world!  Can you believe that? Thank you Brad and Angelina for doing your part! Also there are 250 children alone in Wake county that are available for adoption right now. There were 200 plus people at the dinner last night, done!  There are 400+ churchs in Wake county. All it would take would be one couple out of every half of those churchs (give or take).  That's amazing to think about.
I of course cried a lot of night. At one point they said you are going to go home and give your kids and hug and kiss, and wake up with them smiling and give them a nice meal in the morning, there are 250 kids in this area that don't have that. That's heartbreaking to think of one of my children waking up and not feeling loved.

So all this to say is they need help. We are not in a place to do anything financial but when we are I would like to help out. Also I really would love to work for them. I am going to start praying for the right job. I graduated yesterday!!!!  I want/need to be around my children but a lot of their positions are part-time and I would love nothing more than to do that while I'm working on my masters. They have a pregnancy counselor and that's what I really want to do. So I'm praying that God will open something up either here or at a crisis pregnancy center. I would love to say that God impressed upon my heart to adopt a child. He definitely put a thought there, but I am not sure that we are the right people to adopt. I am not sure that's what we are called to do. Maybe, but not right now. However, I do KNOW that I am called to work with pregnancy women in crisis. So pray with me that God will start using me and will open up a place for me to do this!

Also a big thanks to my mother and my birth mother! I can not say how thankful I am that you choose life Viv. I would not be anything without you. That is the truest statement I can make because I would not be here if it weren't for you. Thank you for loving me, thank you for carrying me to term, thank you for loving me enough to choose a loving home. Thank you for loving me for 18 years from afar before you got to know me again, and thank you for loving me still. I owe you my life and I am eternally grateful and eternally yours!  Thank you Mom for loving me before you even got the call. Thank you for providing a loving home while I was growing up. Thank you for wanting me and never making me feel like I was different and not belonging. I would also not be who I am today without you. I am one blessed lady to have two mothers in my life!