Saturday, May 26, 2012

day five

Well, I've decided to not weigh myself again until at least Monday. I have not lost anything, and it is kinda bumming me out. I was certain I'd drop a good five pounds in the first week. Anyway, this morning I did have some carbs, but I had a whole wheat bagel with some honey on it. For lunch I had my leftover Chinese, and then for dinner we had edamamme, BBQ, asparagus, and a roll. My BBQ was soy from trader joes. It was also only 120 calories compared to the 270 that the pork was. The Chinese was soy as well, and I thought it was fantastic, I did not have the same feelings about the BBQ. I did have some pretzels for a snack as well. With the carbs, I went over 1200 calories for the day and ended up somewhere in the 1400. Blah! I do need to drink more of my soy and coconut milk because I did not get enough calcium yesterday. I got enough protein, but calcium was a no go! I gotta say though so far this hasn't been any big deal. I know it will get harder but it's been good so far!

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  1. Loving the updates! It sounds like you are hitting the dreaded plateau of weightloss. Have you tried switching up your workout or attempting new exercises? Keep going strong!