Friday, December 14, 2012

Julietta and Jesus had a heart to heart

Dear sweet Julietta asked Jesus into her heart tonight. Yesterday we were talking about Heaven, and my dad, and she was just asking a ton of questions. She's always asked questions but never really gone anywhere with them. Yesterday after coming around to asking about who goes to Heaven she said that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. I wanted to pull over the car on the side of the road, but she was running into gymnastics. I did not want to rush it, and I also wanted Randy to be there for it.
So today when we got home she said "Can I ask Jesus into my heart now?" So we went into our room and sat down with her on our bed. We asked her what she thought it meant. She said just to ask him in. Then we asked her what Jesus did. She said "He died on the cross". What did he die for Etta, "He died for our sins." What our sins Etta? "They are the bad things we do that we should not do."  Then we asked what happened after that. She told us that he rose from the grave after 3 days. She also said it like "duh". At this point we knew that she knew what she was talking about. So we had a conversation about grace, and how asking Jesus into your heart is asking him to come inside you and live with you forever. It's also asking for forgiveness for everything you've done wrong, and also for everything you will do. And how now that Jesus lives inside you, your goal is to love Jesus and others as he wants you to. And so then she said ok, can I pray? Her prayer went something like this...... "Dear God, would you please come into my heart. Would you forgive me of all the bad things I've done and those things I've done that I shouldn't have done. Would you come into my heart and have every day be like that? In Jesus name, Amen."   Then she couldn't stop smiling!

On such a horrific day in America where my heart is just aching for other moms, God has given me a wonderful gift. My little girl who was not pushed, and who we allowed to come to her own choice about the matter, just gave her heart over to Jesus. I am overjoyed! I know my dad is super happy in Heaven right now and I can't wait to see what God has in-store of this little life he has entrusted to us!