Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ender Walking

Just so I don't forget to do another post, Ender actually took a step tonight all by himself. He let go of the coffee table and took a step to me :)

Julietta's Fall Festival and Parade at School!

 carving the pumpkin at school!

 she's actually smiling in this class picture!

 Gotta love my belly in this one!

 Julietta's teacher, Mrs. Bittner!

 She did so good singing with everyone! She was so excited she just kept jumping up and down!

 Ender LOVED watching all the kids!

And he loves his new shoes!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

26 weeks

Here's a picture that Randy took for 26 weeks!

 And here's the picture Julietta took for the 26 weeks belly picture!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

100 days!!!!!!

WHOO HOO folks! 100 days left until my due date! I remember posting that I was under 200 days so that's a good feeling. Since this is my third I know well enough to know that the last 4 weeks are another trimester in and of themselves, however I am still excited to be at 100 days and tomorrow be in double digits!
I feel like I am already in third trimester though because these last few nights I have not been able to sleep and I wake up either to pee or because rolling over is so intensely painful. Thank goodness that as long as we are either here or we move some where in enough time I have just over 13 weeks until little girly comes!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Julietta picking a pumpkin at school!

Julietta's class this week is having a fall parade. In order to prepare they went to the church's pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins and helped pick out one perfect one for their class to carve. I can't wait to see the parade Friday. Randy and I are going with the video camera, and she is so excited. She tells me they've been practicing waving, and singing, and walking!

Had to post this picture because it was soooo cute :)
Julietta and one of her friends picking out the perfect pumpkin for them to carve!

Her class!!!! and her class again!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Names are so hard to come up with! I think especially now that we have two kiddos. We are having such a hard time coming up with a name that is just as unique as Julietta and Ender but not weird. I think we have a middle name as long as the first name we pick out goes along with it! I kinda wish we hadn't used Laurel on Julietta.... however I do love how the two of those go together. Anyway.... if you have any suggestions I'm open :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

24 weeks doc appointment

Just got back and everything is look good. My fh is measuring at 24 weeks, my blood pressure was 118/72 and little girls heartbeat was at 147 :) I gained 4 pounds since my last appointment. I talked to him about the pelvic pain again, and he said try taking 2 extra strength tylenol every 6 hours and seeing if that helps. So we are going to try that! I asked him how early they would do the c-section and he said 39 weeks. So it looks like the baby's birthday will be January 28th. If we are still here and need it earlier they might do it at 38 weeks, but they really don't like doing that. So...... we just need prayer that we will be ready to move right when Randy gets out, so I can be established with another doctor, or that God will have a job lined up so we don't have leave until after the baby is born. I'm scared of moving cross country with only 3 weeks to go!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ender's Big Boy hair!

Well we finally took Ender to get his hair cut! It was way over due as you can see in the picture. But it's still hard to cut off all that baby hair and get their first hair cut! He's so cute now though with his little big boy hair cut!

And our new not as hairy man!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

23 weeks and 4 days

Well here we are almost 24 weeks! Feeling pretty good. I've had a decent number of painful braxton hicks. Feeling really good. I have continued to gain weight. I'm at about 17 pounds. I'm really not excited about that. I guess I need to start doing more to watch everything I eat, and start working out too. I really only wanted to gain about 20 pounds and I have a feeling I'll gain more than 3 pounds in the next 16 weeks! haha.
Other than that my pelvic pain has been a little better which is really nice! I have an appointment on friday for my 24 weeks so I'll post more then! And hopefully get Randy to take a good picture :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Julietta's first field trip!

This past week Julietta had her first field trip and her class went to the Waterman's Museum. She had a blast. She came home with shells and talked about crabbing and fishing! We are all really enjoying her school. They do such a wonderful job. I am already really sad about leaving it and finding another one to replace it.

While Julietta was at her field trip Ender and I walked around Yorktown. Really pretty and it was right on the water. He enjoyed watching the coast guard boats coming in. I put him down on a patch of grass to see if he would crawl and help him walk (he doesn't like the grass outside of our house but this grass was really soft and nice). Well, silly mommy didn't notice until his socks and pants were soaked that the grass was wet! All in all it was a great day!