Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life at the Mackey's lately

Life here has been pretty good. Randy is getting ready to go to the field next week for two weeks so that kinda sucks but not that bad. Ender has been doing great. He has slept through the night twice now, but it is not an every night thing. Hoping that starts soon! Julietta has been loving Awana. She loves to tell you her verse for the week and to try to get everyone around her to site it as well. All week she's been going up to people saying "Say, God is Love."
Ender has brightened up the day since he has started to smile. Here is a picture of it:
We are starting to have to let Ender cry it out to take a nap. He generally cries for about 10 minutes and then calms down to sleep. I've been swaddling him at night and that has caused him to sleep more (I think.) He still has a fussy time at night and I end up feeding him every 2 hours at night a lot. Really hoping that it gets better and he'll start going back to 2 1/2 hours. He just doesn't want to sleep in the afternoon.

We are in kind of a crisis right now since our house is still on the market for rent in Fayetteville. Coming this month we are going to have to pay the full mortgage. We obviously do not have the money to do this so we are a little concerned. If you think of it, send up a prayer that it rents out soon or that we can just sell it. I am considering getting a job at night and weekends which would help, but at the same time that will take away from the only time Randy and I have. So I guess on top of it all pray for wisdom in what we should do.

Other than that all is going great here and we are loving having 2 kiddios. Julietta is still doing wonderful with Ender. She loves to try and make him smile.

much loved visitors!

So, I'm a little late on blogging so going to try and get some done today. Two weekends ago we had some visitors! Randy's mom and grandma came out to see Ender and us. It was an unexpected and much wanted visit. We had a wonderful time. It was great to see them and just to spend some time with them. In our almost four years of marriage we haven't gotten to see much of his family and no one except for his Aunt Nancy got to see Julietta until this past Christmas so we were very excited that they got to meet Ender right away! Also it was great to see Julietta with them and that they got some bonding time with her.
We were able to just hang out a lot. We went to Williamsburg one day and walked around. Other than that we just did a lot of visiting.
Randy and I both are so thankful for the time we got with them, and it makes us want to visit all the more. Hopefully we'll be able to make it out to Colorado at some point but right now that just isn't an option.
Here's some pictures from the weekend :)
Julietta with her beloved Grandma Linda and Grandma Punkie!
4 Generations..... Mom-Daughter.... Mom-Son..... Father-Son
Grandma Linda and Julietta playing out back digging and making flowers!
at Williamsburg!
With a really old guy! Randy is doing the Captain stance!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

nursing strike over!

Sooooo, exciting news today. Randy's mom is an angel :) She got Ender to latch on to just me and has been nursing all day. It might be a rough couple days getting him able to get out as much as he was getting in the bottle, and getting my supply up even more, but.... he can do it, and is doing it! I am so exciting and amazed. I seriously thought there was no hope with a month old baby who never did it, but here we are 5 weeks in and he is nursing :) Serious answer to prayer!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Month Old!

Ender is a month old! I can't believe how fast time flies. 4 weeks before my due date dragged on. That was the longest month, and it just seems ridiculous that it's already been a month since we had him! He is doing great. Yesterday he actually nursed on the shield for 3 feedings. This is crazy since it's been about 3 weeks since I nursed him. However, he's not getting the same amount of food that way. He went about 3 hours and when I checked his diaper he hadn't peeded at all. So, I'm just not sure it's going to work. I might try to meet with a lactation consultant again though since he did go onto the shield. I think the only way it'll work is if I can get him off of the shield. Anyway other than that he's doing great. He eats about 4 ounces every 3 hours. At night he was going from 11 until 5:30 and then 9. However, the past couple days he's backed it up a little bit to 11 until 4:30 and then 8. Maybe growth spurt? Anyhoo, babywise seems to be working great! We are having a bit of colic which I was not prepared for since Julietta NEVER cried! Ender pretty much on cue screams after his 8ish feeding until his 11 one. Not much can calm him down at all. Every other time he's upset me holding him or his binky works, however at night nothing. Sometimes Randy can calm him down by laying him on his chest, but this does not always work, nor is Randy always able to!

I am pretty much healed! I haven't lost any more weight so I'm about to start "dieting". I have about 6 weeks of nutrisystem left that I am going to start next week. I also have starting doing my walking workout video since I'm not supposed to work out yet, I don't want to do anything more strenuous than that. However, I think I would like to order P90X and really get in shape. I want to be thin obviously but I really want some muscle tone back. But other than that, my incision is completely healed. I still am a little sore if you push on my stomach but not bad. However, the bad news is my pelvic pain has not gone away. It went away right after and was amazing. However, I had a night where I went to the ER because I started bleeding bad again and every since that doctor "examined" me I've had pelvic pain again. So, I need to talk to the doc about that.

Julietta is doing amazing. She loves Ender so much! We have enrolled her into Awana. I have posted a pic below of her in her uniform! When I picked her up last night from Awana I had left Ender home with Randy and she broke down in the car and was so sad he wasn't there with her. I am thankful that she is so attached to him! She loves to be around kids and just thrives in that environment. She loves going to a "class." I go to my church every Tuesday for something called mom2mom. It's sort of like our church's version of mops except it's not just for preschool moms. I have loved getting to know some women in our church and also just getting out. Julietta loves it too because she goes to kid2kid and has a ball!

Randy and I have enjoyed our church more and more each sunday. We keep meeting people and this past Tuesday we attended a small group. It's just nice to get around nice christian couples. We were sad that our close friends that lived down the street moved this past week. That has been a sore topic for Julietta too since those were her friends. The other night she asked again to go over there and I had to remind her that they moved, and she goes "but I love them!" Randy's Grandmother and Mother are coming today! I am so excited that they get to meet Ender and we get to see them again! I feel spoiled that we will get to see Randy's Mom 3 times in one year. We did not get to see her or any of the family for the first 3 years of our marriage so this is a blessing. I will post more on that visit and some photos but for now here is a one month picture!