Sunday, August 29, 2010

17 weeks 2 days picture

Amy's belly. See, much smaller than she thinks...long ways to go!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

my little kiddos!

Julietta- You are such a ray of sunlight. You are so sweet and have such a tender heart. From when you were very little you would break down when we even said No. You always want to make people feel better. Whenever you meet someone you want to give them a hug. You have such a tender heart for all your family. You have a soft spot for Jesus already. You love to wonder what God would think of certain things. You like to talk about what you can talk to God about. You are so inquisitive. You are such a social being, but you want to always know where mommy and daddy are. You are an amazing big sister. You love your brother with all your heart. There was never a moment when you did not want him here. You wake up in the morning and say "So, how was your rest!?" And then you run in to see your brother and make him laugh. You already have grown into such a little lady. You cross your legs and you love anything girly. You hate to get dirty. You love to get your hair cut, paint your toenails and finger nails! You are becoming more of a dare devil. You like to jump off of things and have become a much better swimmer. However, you will still not put your head in the water. You love to dance with Daddy. Whenever Daddy walks in the room you say "Daddy help me turn around!" You know the entire songs from Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. Your favorite Princess is Ariel. You like to pretend you are a princess and pick a different one to be everyday and make us call you that. You like Barbies. You like Hello Kitty, and you love your friends. You will only wear dresses! These past 4 years have been such a delight. You bring us so much joy and love. I can't believe it's already been 4 years. I am so excited to see what you turn into. We will always love you and support you and you will forever be our little Princess.

Ender: You my little man completed our family. We never knew that we could love another child just as much. Since Julietta was such an awesome kid we were scared that you would be a terror. Boy did you prove us wrong! You my man are so funny! Already you crack all of us up. You like to make us laugh. Your smile is so contagious. You have a temper but have always been such a calm child. You have gone along with what we want to do and have just been such a wonderful addition to the family. You love your daddy with all your heart. Daddy walks in the room and you get so excited you little shake. When he walks out you break down. You love to eat! You love to eat fruit, but still refuse to eat anything green. You love to play a little game in the morning with us and pretend you are still sleeping. We walk in and you throw yourself on the mattress face down and laugh. You are curious and stubborn. You are so smart. Daddy put you on the table the other night and you just backed off of it and stood up on the floor like you had been doing it for weeks. You want to get into everything and find out how everything taste. You still put a toy in your mouth and then take off crawling with it still in your mouth. You love cars. Daddy will make a motor engine sound and you try to copy it. You fall asleep sucking your thumb and pulling on your ear. We love you so much baby boy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

17 weeks

Well today I am 17 weeks! Thankfully I haven't gained anything since last week :) YIPEE me! Today I had my appointment with the Perinatal doctor. It went really well. I had to wait there for forever. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was still in the waiting room with the two kids when 2:45 hit! So that was frustrating. They did pretty good though! The doctor was encouraging though. He is not worried AT ALL about my antibody until it gets to 1/16. Since the highest it got with Ender is 1/8 he feels pretty confident it won't become an issue. He did say that it seems to rise with each kid so it might become an issue. However, he said that as of right now as long as my number does not get to 1/16 he sees no need to see me again and no need for the nonstress test! This is AMAZING news. I had to get those 2 times a week with Ender and they were a pain in the batooty and I had to pay a lot for them! So, I am praising God right now. He also does not see any reason to do the doopler ultrasound until it becomes an issue. This again was something that we were pretty sure was going to cost us a good chunk of money! Again praise the Lord :) So, for now they will just keep taking my blood at every appointment and running the tighter. And nothing will happen until the number gets 1/16. He also said that the other reason they were doing the NST was my blood pressure last time. This again is good news to me, because today my blood pressure was 108/60! So excited. It has never EVER been this low in pregnancy. So even though it was a frustrating appointment, it was a great appointment!

I will take a belly picture this weekend and post it :) I have really popped out this week and are showing! Not much movement. It has me a little worried but I'm thinking maybe a girl? I felt Ender at 14 weeks and pretty strong everyday after that. I have felt this little one a couple times here and there, but nothing everyday. I always feel better when you can feel the little one move all the time. The heart beat today was 146.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Party!

For Julietta's Birthday we had some kids over to play with her! She had a blast just showing them her room, playing in our pool, and eating some cake! She loves Ariel so of course we had an Ariel (had to be mermaid) cake, Ariel balloons, and everything else. So much fun. This was the first birthday party she's really had other than her one year old one so it was fun to see! Of course she got a lot of princess stuff. :) Happy Birthday sweet Julietta!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday #1

Well last week I took Julietta, Ender, and myself down to Raleigh to visit my mom and my brother. I knew they would not be able to make it up here for Julietta's birthday and her one wish was to see Nana and Sawyer and Holden. Mom also was in a rental house in her new neighborhood and we wanted to be able to use her pool since she won't move into her house until mid September. Julietta and Ender both had a blast. I did not get to take a ton of pictures because Randy had to keep my camera here for his school. However here are a couple pictures from her birthday party at Al and Laura's.

Sweet Birthday Girl!!!! Julietta loves Hello Kitty and she got a Hello Kitty lunchbox, backpack, dress, and sweatshirt for her birthday from my family! She loves it!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

16 weeks.

I am 16 weeks today. I had an appointment and everything is looking good. My blood pressure was great at 112/68. Love this low pressure. I had gained 5 pounds since my last appointment so really gotta watch the weight. I really don't wanna gain more than 25 in this pregnancy and I'm not off to a good start. I've gained somewhere between 7-8. So.... gotta watch it more. The babies heart rate was around 152. It was really hard to get, because it was moving all around. Every time she put the doppler on my tummy the baby moved to the other side and buried itself. For about 5 minutes it was hiding behind the placenta and we could only pick up my heart rate. A little scary sitting there for a while with no heartrate. We will find out what the baby is on September 11th! I was excited that they would do a Saturday ultrasound so that Randy can for sure come. If heart rate is a prediction it would say it's a girl! We shall see! Also good note the antibody is so low right now they can't run a tighter. Everything is looking really good!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pics from Sarah!

While our Friends Josh and Sarah were up here Sarah took some pictures of our family! They turned out pretty awesome. Here's some favorite!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ender's Doctor Appointment

Today we had Ender's "12" month appointment. I say it that way because I am behind on his appointments and shots so to them it was his 9 month well baby! Anyway, since he's almost 1 I am counting it as his stats for being 1. He weighed 20.4 pounds today. He was also somewhere around 29 inches tall. I actually don't remember exactly, but I don't think they got it right anyway because he dropped from 75% to 50%. He has been at 75% since he was born. Today he was fussy and cried every time they touched him so during the measuring he was pretty wiggely. I will try to find out for my records what it was exactly though.
Other than that it was just a normal appointment. I did not give him his shots today because he has had a cold for the last week and I didn't feel comfortable doing this until his immunity system for better. The doctor didn't love that, but liked the idea of bringing him in next week when he's better just for the shots. He was happy with everything Ender would do, and said it was ok for us to try milk now. So today we have had one bottle of milk. We shall see how it goes, if his fussyness and rash comes back then we'll have to do soy. He said definetly not goats milk. So, I am praying that he is ok on milk right now. I have switched the kiddos to organic milk for the most part.
I will do an actual birthday one for him next week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, I was really hopeful since I hadn't heard from the doctor since my last appointment but apparently the blood work took time to come back in. So.... the antibody is still there! :(
I'm a little upset and not that happy about it. I know it'll be alright and hopefully all that will happen is like with Ender where nothing really happened, but we did get a rather large bill for Ender from all the extra appointments and ultrasounds and NST. And with Randy getting out of the army before this baby is going to be born, well the money issue of it is worrying me a little bit!
However, I know God is in control and He will take care of it. So now praying that He keeps the baby safe and out of harms way from this evil antibody.
I will meet with the perinatal doctor on the 27th, so thankfully they are getting on top of this soon. Also, on a plus side, we might find out what the baby is because they might do an ultrasound at that point!