Thursday, December 17, 2009

doctors appointment

Well, we finally had Ender's first doctors appointment yesterday. He is doing great. He was 13.8 pounds and a little over 25 inches. He is tall and lean. His weight is in the 35%. And his height was in the 79%. As normal Ender hated tummy time and the doctor was not impressed. He said we need to stress it, so as i speak Ender is on his pad huffing and telling me he wanted to be turned over. I am not concerned seeing how Julietta HATED tummy time as well.
Other than that, the only new thing is Ender has deceided finally to give us a belly laugh, but he has only done it twice and only for Randy and if I come up to see he stops!
Ender has had his first cold this week. He is a little grumpy but for the most part is such a well mannered baby. Even the people at the doctors office were like is he always this quiet. He didn't seem to mind anything they did until they got to the shots.

Ender is still loving bath time. Julietta loves to give him one. The other day I tried to bathe them together, this did not work out so well since Ender pretty much just floated and I coudln't even wash him up, but Julietta liked it a lot!

Also, I have been doing babywise for the past week. I have my sanity back!!!! Ender is now on track. He eats every 2 1/2 -3 1/2 hours and naps in between! I am still feeding him 7 times a day but he is doing so much better. He seems a lot more happy and I am MUCH more happy :) Two of those days I've managed to get their naps lined up and I actually had an hour to myself. With two I am finding it so much harder to keep the house looking the way I want. It almost feels like if I completly take care of the house and have some time for me then I'm being a bad mom, if I spend really good quality time with the kids and take care of the house then I have nothing left for me or for Randy, and then if I take the time for myself and spend quality time with the kids then I'm being a bad homemaker because the house suffers. It's frustrating, and i need/want to find a balance because obviously all things need to get done. Any tips from moms with multiple kids is appreciated!!!That's a pic of Ender showing how strong he is :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my dad....

well today it's officially been a year since dad passed away. it's not as hard as i thought it would be. it's definitely hard to realize how much he has missed this year. he didn't even know i was pregnant and it's difficult to know that so much has happened in my life that he doesn't know. i still hope that god allows him a window to see main events. i've been trying to jog julietta's memory about him lately because i realize that she is forgetting. it's sad how life moves on. it makes me realize that it will eventually happen to all of us. someday i will die and eventually the people who love me will not mour everyday. that's a good thing but at that same time when you are going through something so painful you don't realize it will get easier and you almost don't want it to. and then you wake up a year later and realize that some days life is back to normal. yes i still miss him and yes i still cry about it sometimes, but there are days where sadly i don't think about it.
i am happy he's in better place and that i truely believe he is walking and talking again in heaven and is happy but it is still hard to think about his body being in the ground.
here's i think the last picture of julietta and dad:
i will always love him and miss the love of a father! RIP daddy..... i miss you :)

3 months.... well sorta!

I am falling behind on blogging! Ender was three months on November 28th. I still haven't taken him to the actual doctor, but I had a wic appointment this week and they weighed and measured him. He is almost 14 pounds and is 24 inches. That makes me feel good about how much milk he is getting. It has been a couple rough weeks with Ender. He has started to refuse to nap longer than 30 minutes and has been waking up a couple time during the night. So..... I am going to give babywise a good try again for about a week. After that, if it doesn't work and I can't get him on a schedule then I will say it's just him. However, I am about to crazy! Not knowning what is wrong with your child can be very depressing!
Ender is still a cutie! He loves to smile at all of us. He has learned to blow raspberries and loves it when we do it back to him! He mimicks us a lot with his mouth. I think he's going to talk early. But we shall see! Ender also has finally found his thumb and is sucking it to sleep. That's good! He is offically into 3-6 months clothes. He is still sleeping in our room because he gets up at least once a night to eat but most of the time two. We are still swaddeling him to sleep but leaving out his left hand so he can suck his thumb! He almost laughed the other day. It was right there but he hasn't done it yet and hasn't done a full belly laugh! I do have an appointment for him next week so we will know a lot more. I'm going to ask the doctor about his fussiness and sleeplessness but just make sure that nothing is really wrong. Other than that, he is still such a joy! I almost get frustrated in the midle of the night when he wakes up until he sees me and wiggles around and starts smiling really big! It's really sweet :)