Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We've been working on it for a while :)


Ender is a climber. He will start climbing our walls pretty soon I am sure!

some favorite pictures over the past two months!

 Julietta walking in at her thanksgiving program at school.
 he loves snuggling with daddy!
 the best picture i got at her christmas prog

 ignore my eyebrows i just love her!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mackey Update!

Here's an update on our life as of today.... saying this because we change day to day. We will still be in Virginia for Christmas but we will be officially relocating to NC on the 27th. I also found a doctor that was recommended. Hopefully everything will go great. A little concerned because the first they could squeeze me in isn't until January 6th, and it's only with the nurse. I will be 36 weeks then. I hope they schedule the c-section at 39 weeks like everyone else has said because the thought of going even longer is just terrifying. I am in so much pain and really just can't move. So we shall see.

Anyway, the way our new place worked out is really awesome. I was having some problems finding a place. Then I found this great place online. It was in our price range and we could get a 2 bedroom with a sunroom and a loft that would be plenty of room. So I called the next day and they didn't have anything available in the floor plane we wanted. They had one without the sunroom but with the loft. I was willing to take that though because it would be in our price range. So I thought I would settle and then maybe move into the bigger one when it was available. So I called back the next day and someone had taken it. They didn't have anything available for the foreseeable future. So..... I was just at a lost and was feeling a little helpless because I couldn't find anything else in our price range that was nice and big. I begin to think that it was a sign that maybe we shouldn't move yet. And then..... she called me about 3 days later and asked if we found a place. When I told her no she said they had one of the original floor plans that I wanted available!Someone just got up and left their apartment and she wanted to give us the opportunity to have it first! Then about 2 days later she sent me the contract and said that they had just lowered the price and she would give me the lower price! How awesome :) Bad news is it's on the 3rd floor so dealing with the kids is going to be interesting.... but God totally worked it out! We are super excited!

Monday, December 13, 2010

getting ready for another one!

A couple weeks ago we purchased a van! We've been looking around for a while. We were hoping to get a Pilot, but right now this is going to work for our family the best! Here's a picture. I'm officially a soccer mom!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ender today

Ender has been really funny today with talking. He is saying stuff on his own now instead of just repeating which is really fun! Today he dropped his cup and he looked at Etta and said "uh oh".  And then he purposely hit his head on the floor and said "Owwww." Julietta has been calling me "mama" lately, not sure why, but she called me and Ender came walking into the Kitchen to me saying "MaMa" in a really funny voice! He also said bath when we went to take a bath. It's just fun watching his actually talking!


Well, we have officially decided on a name! I am not going to announce it yet, but I'm am excited to know :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I will upload some pictures, but at 15 months Ender is officially walking!!!!!  He still doesn't do it if he doesn't want to, but he is very capable! It's really adorable to see!
Also Ender knows the words :
bye bye
Airplane  (everytime he hears one he points to the sky and says it!)

32 week appointment

I had my 32 week appointment today. Everything is still going pretty good. With everything that is going on I've been crazy stressed this week, so I'm hoping that that is the reason but when I got there my blood pressure was up to 134/90. This concerned them obviously since it's such a rise in what it's been the whole time. So they turned out the lights and made me lay still for about 20 minutes. They then retook it and it was down to 120/80. This is better but is still higher than it has been. I'm trying to not be concerned but I was so looking forward to not dealing with that this time and now that I have to switch doctors right at the end it just concerns me. I am still having horrible pain from my symphysis pubis dysfunction. I can't roll over at night and I watch up pretty much in tears a couple times at night. Doctor gave me some ambien for sleeping and some vicotin for the pain. However, the vioctin made me feel really really weird so I'm not taking it anymore. He did offer me pecocet, but this is a lot harder on the baby so I am going to try to hold off taking that for a minute. Anyway, I am at 30 pounds of gain for the whole pregnancy. My stomach has officially taken over! Someone asked me the other day if I was having twins. She asked this in not a nice way and I almost smacked her! Anyway, I will try to have Randy take a picture soon but that's it for now! I am still measuring exactly right and she heartbeat was 150. Oh, so weird since my stomach muscles had split she can actually reach up through the muscles sometimes and she's been moving my belly button with her foot her hand. It is a really weird sensations and looks really weird! Can't wait for my mommy make over!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th, 2010

Well it has been 2 years since Dad died today. He has missed so much. I have changed so much in those two years, as has our family. He has missed 3 grandchildren (including the one inside me now!). That is the worst part for sure. I can miss him, but I have those years to remember. The daddy/daughter dates and how patient and loving he was. It's almost sad that I only have 2 memories of him as a child being upset at me. It breaks my heart to see Julietta growing up without him. He would've been so great with her and loved on her like there was no tomorrow. The boys he would have as well. I know on the other side of this world I will understand the big picture of why he got sick, and why he could not be here with us but now I do not. Why was my dad robbed of the opportunity to be a grandfather and who would not have taken it for granted and then there are the ones that really seem to not care at all?!
Anyway, 2 years goes by fast and take every moment with the ones you love to be dear, our futures are not certain. Here's a picture the last Christmas the kids spent with dad.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


For Thanksgiving we went down to Raleigh to see my family. It was so nice to have my mom in the same town with Al and Laura. We got to see them more and it was just more relaxed because it was less driving. Laura's family came as well and it was great to see all of them too. We really only get to see them once a year so I was very happy to see them again.
There is a picture of all of the kids together that I don't have yet.... but here's some of just my family that Laura took!

 Thanksgiving was also our 5 year anniversary!