Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of my counseling classes has me reading the book "Why you do the things you do: The secret to healthy relationships." It delves into the four different attachment theories and makes the point that our relationship with our parents (caregivers) sets us up for how our relationships will all work in the future. It is a wonderful book for anyone to read and it gives so much insight into why we all react the way we do to certain situations. Also makes me a little terrified but very conscious of raising secure kids! Anyway there's a quote in there from Mother Teresa and I love it so I just wanted to post it here. She says : "The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted, uncared for, and deserted by everybody. The greatest evil is the lack of love."
I just love that because it is so true. We as parents can do a lot unknowing that can cause our children to feel unloved and insecure. It's good to read up on it and make me aware of it as well.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

please pray

This past week has been horrible for me and it's only getting worse. I am in excruciating pain. During the day my back is killing and now my stomach is hurting so bad around the incision site of the c-section (but internal).  Then at night my pelvic pain is so bad I can't sleep.
I need prayer and my kids need prayer. I am not sure what I am going to do for the next 10 weeks and how I am going to handle this. I can not do anything and I am falling apart watching my house fall apart and feeling really kinda like a failure. Not that that is logical but I should be able to do this stuff and I am just not. So if you could send up a prayer that the pain can subside so I can do daily functions I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

belly pic

Here's a belly picture I took today for 28 weeks and 4 days!!!!  80 days til due, 73 til we have her!

Got my hair done yesterday and I feel so much better!

 and to compare this is the exact same time with Ender!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So weird, but my sciatic nerve has been acting up the past two days. Please pray that it goes away fast. I had this with Julietta and it only lasted about a week or so. I did not get it with Ender, so I don't know what's normal but when I look it up it says it normally goes away within 6 weeks. I can't do 6 weeks of this. Of course I can if I have to, but it's very difficult right now. Randy is on a weird schedule and is not awake during the day to work on his portfolio and so I am really left to do everything by myself expect bedtime and getting them up in the morning. Since Ender is still not walking and we have stairs I am lifting a 25 pound baby a lot. This is really really painful with sciatica, but also since it's almost like a knife going into my back I'm scared I'll drop him or fall or something. So...... please pray that it goes away soon so I can take care of my other babies!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

28 weeks doctor appointment

I had my 28 week appointment a little early this week. I took the glucose test and everything came back normal. The antibody is still too low to even tighten! And..... my blood pressure was still 108/70. Praise the Lord! My blood pressure has never been this low going into the third trimester. I am praying it keeps not being a problem. This has definitely been my best pregnancy yet! One weird thing is my Vitamin D is crazy low. So they called in a prescription for me. I have to take it and try to get my level up. They said my level was 17 and it's supposed to be at least 34. I keep gaining weight. I don't even know right now, I think I am in between 22-25 pounds. Depressing. Little girl's heart rate was in the 140 and my FH was right on track! The Doc did give me a heavy pain med to try for the pelvic pain. Because it is not the safest I can only take it every now and then. I can not take it all the time and I can only take it at night because it will knock me out! The past week my pelvic pain has actually been pretty good, just my back has been hurting. I am feel large and in charge though. The grossest thing about pregnancy is when you can feel your stomach on your legs and that happened this week! Also I have been having crazy amounts of discharge. TMI I know, but just another fun fact of pregnancy. We are still not settled in on a name, but we have added even more so vote on your favorite and I will most likely do another one with the added names when this one ends! Randy ordered a car seat for us as a surprise. He got another Recaro! I am not sure what we are going to do about cribs. Ender will only be 17 months and that's too early to go into a big boy bed, but I don't know about buying another crib. I have bought some girl clothes though because they are so dag on cute. I need a whole new batch anyway since I had given some away, but Julietta was the total opposite season so nothing from her first year works!