Monday, May 21, 2012

day one

Day one of vegan-hood has been pretty good. I had oatmeal this morning, a veggie wrap with hummus for lunch, and then spaghetti for dinner. I did have bread with dinner too, it was vegan, but that was a lot of carbs. This will most likely not help with the losing the weight. I did put everything into my fitness pal though and I am on track for calories today to lose weight so here's hoping. I have had nothing with animal in it today! Even my coffee had soy creamer. There were a couple times today that I went to take a bite of something I should not have eaten. Both were when I was feeding the kids. I normally eat some of Kyleigh's cheese stick because she won't eat the whole thing and also for some reason I eat the ends of her hot dogs (this doesn't really make sense) but I do, and both of those times I had to stop myself. Other than that it was good. I did not take a picture but I will have Randy take a before one tomorrow. I did have a freezer pop before bed which again is sugar and is not going to help my weight loss. But even with the bread and everything I was at 1250 calories for the day. I also drank a ton of water again today which felt nice!

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