Thursday, January 28, 2010

rands in haiti

Here's a picture of my man getting ready to do a dive in Haiti :)
Julietta saw this picture and she was "awww... why does daddy have to live on a boat? I miss him, I want him home!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Randy is in Haiti!

There's a video of the boat that Randy is on, and there are some shots of Randy in it!

New from Randy is he's doing well. They are in Haiti working with some Navy Divers fixing the pier and repairing the port. As of right now we have no exact time for him to come home, but we think he will be home by mid-march!

I have been on the move working on my weight goal since he has been gone. So far he's been gone 3 weeks, and I am down 10 pounds! As of right now I have about 6-8 more weeks until he comes home, and I am really trying and hoping that I can drop 2- more and be down 30 when he gets home!

Julietta is missing her daddy like crazy. She has these fruit snacks that have diver guys in them, and picks it up and say "awww it's daddy! now i'm gonna eat daddy!".... haha. She has been acting up with him gone, but I'm hoping it will calm down when he comes back. Normally when we go someplace to visit and leave him at home she says she doesn't miss him because she doesn't want to go home. But she's now at the point where she talks about how much she missed daddy and loves him. I know she wants him home! That's really sweet :)

Ender is doing okay. I will go into that further more in his 5 month post. We have determined that Ender has a milk protein allergy. I have completly cut out all dairy to include cheese, milk, butter, and everything else! My diet is a little bland :) But he seems to be getter better. I will go more into that later!

Thank you for the prayers while Randy is gone, it's not fun but I can see light at the end of the tunnel... (it's far away) but I'm praying it goes by fast!