Monday, June 25, 2012

this week

So, this blog is slowly just becoming about my struggle with my weight, but trying to not make it that! I did lose 3 pounds this week, so that's at least in the right direction :) 32 until my ultimate goal.... lol. That's gonna take forever at the rates I am going!

Anyway, the kiddos have been sick this week. Last night they all had fevers and were just yucky. I am praying that they get over it fast. Also I have stopped on the potty training Ender for the moment. It just wasn't going smooth, so I am waiting until I get back from my intensive to re-start. Next week I am leaving from Sunday until Friday to go to Liberty and do one of my three intensives. I can not say I am looking forward to it. Part of me is really excited to actually be doing some practical classroom stuff for counseling. The other part of me is hating leaving my family for that long, and missing 4th of July. But since money is tight I am sharing a room with 3 other girls in a hotel to keep cost down. While it's awesome to keep cost down, I do not know these girls. So the idea of sharing a bed with someone I do not know is making me a little nervous. Pray for Randy too during this week. He will be alone with the kids the whole time. He has never done this and while he will do great, it can be quite stressful and no fun. My mom and brother and sister are going to be out of town that week too, so he will have no help what so ever.

I will try and post a video soon, but Julietta is getting really close to swimming on her own. While this may seem late to some, this is the girl who hated getting her hair washed because she does not like water on her face. So for her to be swimming without a life vest and willingly putting her head under the water (even for 2 seconds) is a VERY BIG milestone!!!!

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  1. You can use this as an opportunity to witness to new people. You'll do great =). I know how hard it will be though.. Try to have fun!