Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kyleigh got tubes

Well Kyleigh got her tubes today. She did pretty good. I was concerned because her surgery wasn't scheduled until 7:30 but we had to be there at 6am to do preop. This meant I had to wake her up at 5:30. Ok that concerned me too! But the big problem was that she couldn't have anything to eat or drink. My other kiddos this wouldn't have bothered them as much, but the first thing Ky does in the morning is drag me into the kitchen and want something to eat and drink. She actually did great. I think she just didn't know where she was and so there was more to look at. She got to wear the cutest little hospital gown and surgery socks ever though. Who knew they made them this tiny! I will say there's something extremely unnerving about seeing your baby being carried by nurses back into the operating room. But, once I was out in the waiting room it was only 10 minutes until the doctor came out and told me she was done and did great. The nurses then came and got me and the first thing they said was boy is she a firecracker. Yes we know! She was screaming and thrashing everywhere. I believe it was the anesthesia and  being scared. I think she was also in some pain. The crying lasted for about an hour and in about 3 she was totally back to normal. She has been great today. The only issue is she is walking around like a drunk sailor because her equilibrium is all off! Thanks for the prayers for everyone who said them :)

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