Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pool days

This weekend we went to our pool and then to my moms pool. I say we and it was me and the big kids. Kyleigh is still deathly afraid of any and all water since the beach so she stayed home with Randy. However, he wants to go so she is going to have to get over it because we plan on spending LOTS of time at the pool this summer. It was so nice. I got a tan and felt wonderful to soak up the Vitamin D and the kids just had a blast! Ender had an accident at mom's pool and thankfully he was wearing a pool diaper, but it was still pretty sketchy. I felt bad since it was a neighborhood pool..... so we are potty training as we speak. It may be hard and long but he's almost 3 and it's time!

These are just two pictures from Saturday at our pool. I'm sure I will have a ton more as the summer goes along. Etta is doing really good swimming. She is finally putting her face in the water and we are trying to teach her out to tread water. I'd love to put her in swimming lessons but right now that's not an option. But she is doing wonderful without them!

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