Friday, June 29, 2012

Done with Kindergarten????

Yes that is correct, my sweet little baby girl is done with Kindergarten. Can that be correct? She just started. Literally I think it was last week that she just started. While that's not serious it is what it feels like. Julietta has grown up so much this year, but not in the ways that I feared. She has remained who she is and has stayed the sweet innocent little girl that she was on her first day. She has had some heartache dealing with other girls that are not as sweet and innocent as she is, but she stayed a good friend and has learned so much. She has learned that God made her to have a sweet spirit and gave her the gift of loving others. She said that is why he put a heart birthmark on her, because she loves! Julietta also made it through the entire year of getting green owls everyday! I am so proud of her. She loves school and loves to learn.
Here are some pictures from their end of the year party!
 Julietta getting her certificate saying that she completed Kindergarten.
 Julietta's teacher Mrs. Fields. The best teacher we could've asked for! She was wonderful :)
 Her friend Madison.
 This is her BFF Alexia. They found out today that they are in the same class next year! Yay!
 The teachers aid Mrs. Skiscim. She was wonderful too. They just loved on Julietta!
 Etta reading her end of the year writing about everything she learned in K and what she liked.
Julietta, Alexia, and Marley. They had so much fun this year!

We were very happy with our year, and after having so much worry about sending her to public school had a wonderful experience. We will be off for 4 weeks and then Julietta will start 1ST GRADE, on July 30th :)

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