Friday, March 20, 2009

Passing out!

So, today was interesting! I went to get more blood work done. Of course since they are going to take all I've got this time. But as I was sitting in the weighting room there was a little kid getting his blood drawn and he was freaking out (of course, and rightfully so) and I was feeling a little weird. I don't know I guess it just got my nerves going or something. Anyway she went to take my blood and it hurt more than normal, but it was okay. I really don't like getting my blood taken but as long as I don't look then it's always been okay. But then I started sweating and getting really light headed and kinda queasy. And then she goes, okay I know you have more in there but you just stopped bleeding. And then she looks at me and goes " WOAH..... you just turned a weird shade of palish white..." "Are you okay". All of this I'm trying to be cool and I'm like "Yeah, I'm fine!" Well then I passed out! HAHA. That's never happened before. So she waved alcohol in front of my face and woke up me, or whatever they do. And then I had to sit there for about 30 minutes. And all she kept saying was you really turned white on me.

So, the whole point was I got my blood work done, and they called this week and my appointment with the perinatal doctor is April 7th. He will look over my blood and I believe he will do an ultrasound then too. So I'm hoping they'll tell us if it's a boy or girl then. But I don't know!

BIG other news is Julietta is about 98% potty trained!!!! It took all week and we've just been working on it :) But she's had about 3 accidents and other than that has been great! It started out as a naked house (just her!) with the potty in the living room, and then it slowly has migrated into big girl undies while we are at home (pullups at nighttime and when we go out) and her little potty in our bathroom. So pretty much she's doing awesome and it's safe to say she's potty trained. We just have issues going out because she doesn't like to sit on a normal potty without her little seat. She says "It's too big, and I'm too small!" So I'm going to have to come up with something so we can leave the house :)

Other news, we found out that there's a possibility that we might go to Hawaii instead of Virginia. I don't really know how I feel about it! I have moments where I'm really excited about it but then when I realize I won't be close to anyone I go... I don't know! Just leaving it in God's hands and praying that He will put us where we are supposed to be!

Well, that's it for now. Randy and I are both trying to get as much school done before the baby as possible. I am really trying to graduate in December but my last class is an internship and I don't know if I'll get that done before then. So we'll see!

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