Monday, March 9, 2009

14 weeks

Well Julietta and I were gone for the past 3 weeks up in North Carolina which was quite fun. Needless to say though, Randy was shocked at my belly! I really popped out this week. I don't have picture from Julietta so I can't really remember what I looked like at this point. However, I do remember that we had an ultrasound at 13 weeks and the guy thought I might be having twins because I was big. So I guess since I'm short I just pop out :) I've only gained about 2 pounds so that's good. I've been watching it big time. I refuse to gain like I did before. But, I ate a lot up in NC so that might be where it's from! I remember that I didn't feel the tiny butterflies with Julietta until around 16 weeks, but I swear I've already felt somethings. I don't know if that's me being crazy, or if it just happens earlier for your second?! It was nice to get home because it's so warm here. It's so much nicer to be here in warm weather than in cold! The beach just comes alive. I got a new car! We've been dealing with only one for about 6 months or so. And it was okay, just getting old. And since we only had Randy's GTI it was going to get hard for me to get Julietta in and out when I got bigger, so we decided to go ahead and look for one. We found an awesome deal on an '06 Passat. It's brown with tan leather and a sunroof! I love it. The awesome thing is it only had 12000 miles on it! Sweet :)

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