Wednesday, March 11, 2009

doctors visit this week

Well, I just got home from the doctor and I don't really feel that much better! The baby's heart rate was about 157 which is great. My blood pressure was good and I've only gained 2 pounds. So, all that was good. I was hoping to lose some before the big weight started to come on, but I'll take the 2 pound gain since at this point with Julietta I think I had already gained like 10-15. Yeah I was a pig then :) But then he came in and started talking to me about my blood. I'm going to a super specialist pregnancy doctor. I can't remember the name they called him in about 4 weeks. They have to run a tighter on my blood to check the number for sure. The antibody I have is moderate to extreme in the likely hood it will hurt the baby. So best case scenario it comes back and the number never grows and it never poses a problem. Two worse case scenarios are the number will go up slowly but it will eventually be a problem but I'll be far enough along that they will do a C-Section early and give the baby a blood transfusion out of my belly. Worst WORST case scenario is they will do an inutero blood transfusion that is pretty dangerous. They go in and give the baby blood through the umbilical cord while taking it's out. Soooo... I'm praying pretty hard. I will feel better once I'm hooked up with this specialist. But it just stinks because we aren't going to be here the whole time. These doctors are really taking care of me, and they are going to know me so well, and then this specialist I'm supposed to see the entire time. So it stinks that I'm going to have to switch doctors all up. But I'm just praying when the tighter comes back that it's not going to be a problem. The speicalist is also going to do an ultrasound there to double check that everything else is fine. So I feel good that I'm being looked at really closely it just sucks that there's still 4 more weeks till I know more.
Other than that that's all! Julietta told the doctor that there will be no brother or sister just my name is Julietta :) Then she heard the baby's heart beat and said that she could hear the baby in my belly through the lollipop! I guess the little heart machine looked kinda like a lollipop!


  1. Try not to worry about things over the next 4 weeks. We'll all be praying.

    Instead, enjoy the fluttering, and Julietta's great comments!