Saturday, August 28, 2010

my little kiddos!

Julietta- You are such a ray of sunlight. You are so sweet and have such a tender heart. From when you were very little you would break down when we even said No. You always want to make people feel better. Whenever you meet someone you want to give them a hug. You have such a tender heart for all your family. You have a soft spot for Jesus already. You love to wonder what God would think of certain things. You like to talk about what you can talk to God about. You are so inquisitive. You are such a social being, but you want to always know where mommy and daddy are. You are an amazing big sister. You love your brother with all your heart. There was never a moment when you did not want him here. You wake up in the morning and say "So, how was your rest!?" And then you run in to see your brother and make him laugh. You already have grown into such a little lady. You cross your legs and you love anything girly. You hate to get dirty. You love to get your hair cut, paint your toenails and finger nails! You are becoming more of a dare devil. You like to jump off of things and have become a much better swimmer. However, you will still not put your head in the water. You love to dance with Daddy. Whenever Daddy walks in the room you say "Daddy help me turn around!" You know the entire songs from Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. Your favorite Princess is Ariel. You like to pretend you are a princess and pick a different one to be everyday and make us call you that. You like Barbies. You like Hello Kitty, and you love your friends. You will only wear dresses! These past 4 years have been such a delight. You bring us so much joy and love. I can't believe it's already been 4 years. I am so excited to see what you turn into. We will always love you and support you and you will forever be our little Princess.

Ender: You my little man completed our family. We never knew that we could love another child just as much. Since Julietta was such an awesome kid we were scared that you would be a terror. Boy did you prove us wrong! You my man are so funny! Already you crack all of us up. You like to make us laugh. Your smile is so contagious. You have a temper but have always been such a calm child. You have gone along with what we want to do and have just been such a wonderful addition to the family. You love your daddy with all your heart. Daddy walks in the room and you get so excited you little shake. When he walks out you break down. You love to eat! You love to eat fruit, but still refuse to eat anything green. You love to play a little game in the morning with us and pretend you are still sleeping. We walk in and you throw yourself on the mattress face down and laugh. You are curious and stubborn. You are so smart. Daddy put you on the table the other night and you just backed off of it and stood up on the floor like you had been doing it for weeks. You want to get into everything and find out how everything taste. You still put a toy in your mouth and then take off crawling with it still in your mouth. You love cars. Daddy will make a motor engine sound and you try to copy it. You fall asleep sucking your thumb and pulling on your ear. We love you so much baby boy!

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