Friday, August 27, 2010

17 weeks

Well today I am 17 weeks! Thankfully I haven't gained anything since last week :) YIPEE me! Today I had my appointment with the Perinatal doctor. It went really well. I had to wait there for forever. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was still in the waiting room with the two kids when 2:45 hit! So that was frustrating. They did pretty good though! The doctor was encouraging though. He is not worried AT ALL about my antibody until it gets to 1/16. Since the highest it got with Ender is 1/8 he feels pretty confident it won't become an issue. He did say that it seems to rise with each kid so it might become an issue. However, he said that as of right now as long as my number does not get to 1/16 he sees no need to see me again and no need for the nonstress test! This is AMAZING news. I had to get those 2 times a week with Ender and they were a pain in the batooty and I had to pay a lot for them! So, I am praising God right now. He also does not see any reason to do the doopler ultrasound until it becomes an issue. This again was something that we were pretty sure was going to cost us a good chunk of money! Again praise the Lord :) So, for now they will just keep taking my blood at every appointment and running the tighter. And nothing will happen until the number gets 1/16. He also said that the other reason they were doing the NST was my blood pressure last time. This again is good news to me, because today my blood pressure was 108/60! So excited. It has never EVER been this low in pregnancy. So even though it was a frustrating appointment, it was a great appointment!

I will take a belly picture this weekend and post it :) I have really popped out this week and are showing! Not much movement. It has me a little worried but I'm thinking maybe a girl? I felt Ender at 14 weeks and pretty strong everyday after that. I have felt this little one a couple times here and there, but nothing everyday. I always feel better when you can feel the little one move all the time. The heart beat today was 146.


  1. So happy to hear all this good news!!!!!! I hope its a lil' girl! When do you find out? If you told me sorry, tell me again!

  2. haha.. it's on another post but i don't think i actually told you! september 11th at like 10am :) yay so only 2 weeks!