Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday #1

Well last week I took Julietta, Ender, and myself down to Raleigh to visit my mom and my brother. I knew they would not be able to make it up here for Julietta's birthday and her one wish was to see Nana and Sawyer and Holden. Mom also was in a rental house in her new neighborhood and we wanted to be able to use her pool since she won't move into her house until mid September. Julietta and Ender both had a blast. I did not get to take a ton of pictures because Randy had to keep my camera here for his school. However here are a couple pictures from her birthday party at Al and Laura's.

Sweet Birthday Girl!!!! Julietta loves Hello Kitty and she got a Hello Kitty lunchbox, backpack, dress, and sweatshirt for her birthday from my family! She loves it!!!


  1. I hope she had a very special birthday! We love Hello Kitty too!

  2. your kids are just adorable!!! so are your nephews!