Friday, August 20, 2010

16 weeks.

I am 16 weeks today. I had an appointment and everything is looking good. My blood pressure was great at 112/68. Love this low pressure. I had gained 5 pounds since my last appointment so really gotta watch the weight. I really don't wanna gain more than 25 in this pregnancy and I'm not off to a good start. I've gained somewhere between 7-8. So.... gotta watch it more. The babies heart rate was around 152. It was really hard to get, because it was moving all around. Every time she put the doppler on my tummy the baby moved to the other side and buried itself. For about 5 minutes it was hiding behind the placenta and we could only pick up my heart rate. A little scary sitting there for a while with no heartrate. We will find out what the baby is on September 11th! I was excited that they would do a Saturday ultrasound so that Randy can for sure come. If heart rate is a prediction it would say it's a girl! We shall see! Also good note the antibody is so low right now they can't run a tighter. Everything is looking really good!


  1. yay, that is great! anna's heartbeat was always 155...right on track for girl #2!

  2. Oh and we want to see a picture!!!