Wednesday, August 5, 2009

35 weeks

So there you have the belly this week! Still no more weight gain, which I'm VERY thankful for. The less I have to lose after the better! One of my best friends just got engaged!!!!!!! But it gives me another goal to be skinny for :) I have a goal and a timeline that's very reasonable, and I'm excited to get started on it! As you can see the belly comes straight out unlike with Julietta where I was kinda round everywhere! This is great and all, but has given me a couple new stretch marks :(
What's up with us?!
Well, Randy is still gone. Julietta and I miss him like crazy. I am almost done with the nursery! I'm putting up the pictures tomorrow night so next post I'll post pictures! I'm thinking about packing our bags this week just to be ready. I went to fayetteville this past weekend, and that was a wonderful break. Made those 5 days fly by. Mom is coming up here tomorrow and we are going to Maryland on Friday. I'm so excited to see the Saavedra family :)
What's up with baby?!
Well still dropped, obviously! I had the doctor go ahead and check me out today because I've been feeling some bad cramping and am just really aware of that whole area so I wanted to know if it was in my head or something was going on. Well my cervix is closed so no dilation yet, but I am 70% effaced. On a gross note my plug is slowly coming out. And my colostrum came in this weekend. I was super excited about that because that didn't even come in right away with Julietta so at least things in that area are going well so far! The doctor also said she could feel his head during the exam! CrAzY!!!!!! She went ahead and did an ultrasound to check fluid and everything looks great there. She couldn't tell me how big he was exactly, but said that he was most likely still on tract to be a pound or two bigger than Etta.

Well that's it for now, If anything is different on Friday I will post it :)

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