Wednesday, August 12, 2009

36 weeks

Well folks we have at max 15 days left of little Ender Alexander in the belly! And boy am I thankful. I am quite done! I feel HUGE, and am in all kinds of pain all the time. I've been having a decent amount of strong contractions everyday, but they always go away in about an hour. I don't have a doctors appointment this week so I don't have anything to report on that. I'll see the doctor on the 17th. This will be the first time I meet him, so I'm hoping that goes all well.

Randy got to come home early! He got home yesterday. I'm so thankful. Being this pregnant and taking care of Jules has been kind of hard. And this way, if something happens early we won't have to worry about getting him home.

I got to go to Maryland this weekend. I was so happy! Everyone got to meet Julietta and I got to see everyone. I wish Randy could've gone with me but we live pretty close now. DC traffic made it a little bit longer, but still close enough to go up for a weekend!

I'm getting pretty annoyed at strangers saying comments about how massive I am. I can't wait for that to be done! I almost hit this woman at McDonalds. She came out and asked me if it was twins, and then when I said no went back and laughed about it with her friend. So annoying. I'm fine with the simple comments of "I bet you can't wait!" or "You must be so uncomfortable." But seriously some of these people might as well just come up and call me fat ass!

Ender is moving a lot these days. I think my fluid level is slowly getting lower and he's getting bigger because of how I can feel him. His room is almost done. I know I keep saying that but I promise I will get pictures up this week! I packed his bag for the hospital in my awesome diaper bag that mom got me for my birthday! So I just need to pack my bag! We are praying that he comes sooner than the 28th, but if not we still don't have much longer to go!

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