Monday, August 24, 2009

38 weeks!

Well folks, we are having a baby for sure this week :) Today is Monday and Friday at 7:30 the c-section is scheduled! I don't have a photo yet, but I promise to take one before we go in to have the exact size I got to! I am nervous. I think I'm mostly nervous just because it's surgery but still the thought of going in and having to get the epidural while not in labor is kinda scary. I would actually love if Thursday night my water breaks so it's more of a surprise but I don't think so. I'm not really feeling anything like labor is near so I think I'll make it till Friday. The cool thing is Randy gets 10 free days of leave and they aren't going to start it until Monday as long as it's Friday. So as much as I'm ready to have Ender I would like to wait until Friday so we get as much time with Randy off as possible!
I have Ender's bag all packed for the hospital. I brought a number of clothes, since we'll be there for a while I think I will most likely want to change him. I have not packed our bags however. The problem is I don't have that many things that fit anymore so I'm wearing them a lot, and they are always getting washed. Mom is coming Thursday afternoon. We have to be at the hospital at 6:00am so I figured by the time Julietta wakes up and mom gets her ready they can just head over to the hospital and we'll be back in the room! I can't wait to see Julietta's face when she sees baby brother :) Randy is going to stay at the hospital with me, but Saturday or Sunday he's going to switch for a little bit so he can spend some time with Julietta and mom can come to the hospital with me.
I'm super excited! It's crazy that it's only 4 days away. I just can't wait to be holding my little baby boy at the end of this week! I know these days are going to go by sooo slow. It's always when you get to the end of things that you can't believe you are here, and at the same time when I realize we found out we were pregnant over Christmas out at Nan and James it seems FOREVER ago!

Prayer Requests:
Ender will be a good eater!
Latching on will go easy!
His circumcision will go smoothly!
Julietta's adjustment!
Randy and I will adjust to two quickly to get back to being able to give each other the attention we need!

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  1. i had the same problem with packing! i was always wearing what fit!
    i'll def be praying! cant wait to see pictures!!