Monday, August 17, 2009

37 weeks and nursery :)

crib with the star wars pics i ordered....
chair with blanket, and an awesome star wars RM painting :)
gotta have bubba in the room right?! and notice the bubba bobble head!
the rug, and the crib, and changing table. i love the boxes. i never had any with julietta and it makes me like the changing table so much more!

and the giant belly at 37 weeks :)

well not much is going on! i'm full term which is awesome! at this point he's just adding weight :) i'm very uncomfortable, and in a nice amount of pain, but i'm trying to remind myself that we are almost done. i had a doctors appointment today. met the doctor for the first time. i like him. he's not dr. simpson down in florida but he's nice enough! he checked me because i told him about the contractions i've been having and the fact that i lost my plug, but i'm still closed! when i told randy this his response was just that i don't open :) On "kinda" (i say "kinda" because i'm not sure if it'll really become a problem or not?!) a bad note my antibody tighter has gone up. it's still not high enough to cause a problem yet and they think that it won't get that high in the next week. i have to get it checked again this week and next to see. also in the ultrasound my fluid was a little bit low. i'm not sure what this means. also ender didn't move enough in the ultrasound so his "breathing" movements were low? again, not sure what this means. all this to say is tomorrow i have to go to the hospital to get another nonstress test and again on friday. i see the doctor next tuesday for my last appointment! if all goes as planned at these appointments then the c-section is set for august 28th at 7:30am!!!!!! not too bad, 10 days left. i'm so ready and sick of being pregnant that i keep hoping everyday my water will break, but i'm going to try and get some patience and realize that 10 days is nothing!
other than that, we are just trying to "nest". we have got a lot done, but there still needs to be some stuff. our new couches are coming next wednesday! so super excited about that! julietta turns 3 on friday! i can't believe it. i'll do a seperate post about that :)
i'll keep posting after all these doctors appointments and we'll keep u up todate on everything! pray for patience becuase i'm out of it :)

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  1. I love the baskets in the changing table too! That was a great idea. The star bedding is really cute as well! I am sure Ender will love it =)