Friday, July 31, 2009

fun appointment

So i just wanted to share with family about my fun appointment today! i lost a pound since last visit. and the visit before that i hadn't gained anything, so that's exciting. hopefully i can maintain this weight until the end! another cool thing my blood pressure was back down to 120/70! that's exciting! and the most exciting thing is that baby boy has already dropped. i actually measured smaller this week because he is so far down! his head is down with his back on my right side. she said that normally second pregnancies don't drop at all until it's labor time. so she said it's very possible that he'll be in the 37/38 week like julietta. that might just be my body's time to do it! they won't schedule a c-section that early, however if i go into labor they will just do the c-section that day! if i don't go into labor early it looks like his birthday will be august 28th! so that's the update!!!!!

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