Tuesday, July 21, 2009

julietta being funny!

so this is kinda gross but it was so hilarious that i have to share it! julietta talks about baby brother being in her belly and how big she's getting and she tries to hear his heartbeat in her belly. so yesterday she was pooping and she goes "ohhhh baby brother is coming out!" haha!!!!!! i mean seriously?! but kinda funny that she thought of pushing him out that way! i thought it was smart, gross, but just really funny!


  1. that is hilarious!!!! kids are so interested about babies coming out. henry was always saying to me "that baby is still in your tummy?" yes henry, it is. he finally started telling me "when y ou are ready for your baby to come out, you can call mommys doctor and she will help you get your baby out" haha!

  2. This is a riot. Has she been to any classes or anything? Been reading your books? Too cute. :)