Monday, July 6, 2009

31 weeks

Here's the photo of my belly this week! Today someone at the grocery store was like oh wow your close to the end huh? When are you due? And I was like end of August/beginning September and she goes "Oh wow, doesn't look like you'll make it that far huh?!" Seriously? There needs to be a guide book of what you can say to pregnant women. We don't like to hear how big we are! haha.
What's up with us:
Well Julietta left on Wednesday. I cried for about 30 minutes and Randy was thinking we made a big mistake because he thought I'd be like that the whole time. Then when I talked to her on the phone that night I cried because I missed her little voice! But, since then I haven't really cried. I wanted to when she said she wanted to come see me tonight the other night, but I've been okay! Randy is leaving the 14th before she gets home, so he's super bummed because he won't see her until August 23rd. BUT..... we've had a great time together just the two of us! We went to see Transformers on IMAX the other night, and have been hanging out and shopping together! We bought couches the other day! They will be arrive in about 6 weeks, so I'll have to hold them off until Randy gets home! Other than that, nothing much is new with us. Julietta will get home Tuesday and I can't wait!!!!
What's up with baby boy:
He's super active. My doctors appointment went well. I had gained about 2.5 pounds since last visit. His heart rate was 150 which is great! My antibody has gone back up a little bit. They are still not worried and don't think it'll be a problem, but they have to keep an eye on it. I start my stress tests on Tuesday. My glucose test came back good too, as did my iron. Other than that nothing is to report. The midwife said he's big, and it might come into play later but we'll see. I'm praying for August 25th!!! I've been having a lot of pain and braxton hicks have started and some of them are painful. Other than that I'm okay!

That's about it for now :)

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