Friday, July 24, 2009

not long!

So I realized that I don't have that much longer to go. I know that the last weeks always feel like another trimester in and of themselves, but..... we are getting so close! Randy and I both are getting so excited :) So we have 29 days until Randy gets home, and we most likely will have him sometime in the next week after he gets home, which leaves it at around 36 days until we will be holding him! CRAZY!!!!!! I'm not doing anything this weekend, but next weekend I'm going down to fayetteville friday after my nonstress test and then coming back up here on tuesday because of course i have another nonstress test! Then mom is coming up here probally thursday and we are going to maryland on friday! The Saavedra side of my family is having a big reuion for my grandpa's 80th birthday and since I haven't seen them since we got married (gasp!) I really need to get up there! Mom's coming with because it's probally best I don't do a lot of traveling by myself, and she'll get to visit some of her friends that are up there! Anyway, all this to say is the next two in half weeks are going to fly by with all this going on, which will bring us to like august 10th when I'll get back here. And then it'll be 13 days until Randy gets home! WOW :) Anyway, 5 1/2 weeks seems like forever, until I can have baby boy, but I think it'll go by faster than I'm thinking (at least I hope!)


  1. Yes, life always goes by faster than we think =). You and I will have baby boys before we know it! Then they will grow up =(...weird! I'm getting excited too and I have a bit longer than you!

  2. yeah but once u hit 30 weeks it just DRAGS!!!! it's almost like time stops. at least for me that's what happens!