Monday, June 22, 2009

doctors visit....

So, I don't have a picture yet but I thought I'd at least write about the doctors appointment this past Friday. On good news I gained about 4 pounds in 7 weeks so thankful that that slowed down some! On other kinda not so good news my blood pressure was up some more. It was at 130/84. They didn't freak out, but said well we'll worry about it once it hits 140/90. So, I'm thinking that's getting pretty close especially with how it went up with Julietta and how it was 110 or something when this pregnancy started. On other news, they referred me to a perinatal doctor up here. They should be calling me this week to schedule another ultrasound to check the blood flow and everything again. Also on another note, they are going to start scheduling nonstress tests at 32 weeks. They are once a week and two different places. I'm not sure if that means I have to go twice a week or if it's going to be a long day every week! The thing that stinks is Randy is leaving soon after that, and actually even if he were here, Julietta is going to have to come with me. We'll have to figure out something for her to do fun. My appointments are now every two weeks. So I'm just trying to figure out if I can go to Michigan and how long I can stay. I might have to fly back becuase mom's mom isn't doing so well so she wants to stay longer. Not sure if you can fly with high blood pressure or what they want. Hopefully I'll get an answer about that soon. Randy and I are going to do a tour of both hopsitals so we can deciede on which one we want to deliver at.
On other news, we found a church we loved! It's a church of probally about 500 members. It has a big church feel, but isn't that big. The music was great, upbeat but not charasmatic. But the great thing was the pastor. He graduated from Dallas, so oviousbly he was great! I really enjoyed it, and it was the first time I've been to church in a long time that I got something out of it! Everyone was super super friendly, and Juleitta LOVED the sunday school. We actually had to stay longer because she wasn't done playing and doing her crafts! The stinky thing is they don't have anything to do during the week for me or Julietta but that's okay. There's a HUGE baptist church that does MOPS and AWANA. I think I'm going to do both in the fall.
Anyway, other than that nothing much is up. Randy goes back to work tomorrow :( We're sad about that, but it had to end at some point! haha.

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