Monday, June 8, 2009

27 weekers

Well we are almost all settled in. No boxes left in the house!!! a whoo hoo :) We got my doctor sorted out after A LOT of talks with tricare and I have an appointment on the 19th. I ended up switching our coverage to the kind that allows me to pick my doctors but I have to pay small co-pays. We went with it because we were having so much trouble with the full coverage one. Then on full coverage I had to get permission to have a c-section. So... needless to say we're okay paying about 15 dollars a night for the hospital :)
Baby boy is growing like a weed. As am I! I didn't gain much in the past 5 weeks though which is nice. I'm at about 17 pounds. But I really don't want to gain much more. Hopefully the doctor here will schedule the c-section by 39 weeks which would be less than 12 weeks from now so that's exciting! I just want to hold the little boy, and see what he looks like ;) I definitely don't love pregnancy like some women do. I'm trying hard to be normal and not let it affect me because I want us to enjoy this time, and we are a lot more than Julietta but it does affect me. Randy was joking the other night and said it's like living with a handicap person. I went ahead and bought the bedding for the crib. I doubt we'll have a shower so I'm trying to get stuff here and there so it's not so much in the end. I looked up activities for Julietta in the area and I want to put her in ballerina lessons or gymnastics because she would love it so much, but it's so dag on expensive. We might do it later but we just can't afford another bill right now. However, come September there are several church's that offer AWANA and so I think we'll put her in that. She will love it! She does really good in sunday school now. She just walks right in and says hi to the other kids and has fun. This morning she asked if she could go to church. So I know I need to get her involved in some things. I've also thought about doing a MOPS here too.
We have made some dear friends here. The wife is a "friend" from high school. I say friend like that because we never really hung out or did anything, but we knew eachother. They have two little girls with Julietta right in the middle and she is pregnant ready to pop with a boy! But it has been an answer to prayer to have them here!
There is a zoo and an aquirium all within an hour from here. They offer year passes for the family that would pay itself off within 2 visit. I'm excited to do that, because it will be a great thing to do with the kids on the weekends, and even weekdays if I'm going crazy! Okay lots of babbeling, but here's the pictures :
This is the bedding:
Here's the belly shot at 27 weeks!


  1. Very cute bedding! I have heard moms around here talk about taking their kids to the library for story time. I am sure that is fun and free.