Monday, December 20, 2010

Mackey Update!

Here's an update on our life as of today.... saying this because we change day to day. We will still be in Virginia for Christmas but we will be officially relocating to NC on the 27th. I also found a doctor that was recommended. Hopefully everything will go great. A little concerned because the first they could squeeze me in isn't until January 6th, and it's only with the nurse. I will be 36 weeks then. I hope they schedule the c-section at 39 weeks like everyone else has said because the thought of going even longer is just terrifying. I am in so much pain and really just can't move. So we shall see.

Anyway, the way our new place worked out is really awesome. I was having some problems finding a place. Then I found this great place online. It was in our price range and we could get a 2 bedroom with a sunroom and a loft that would be plenty of room. So I called the next day and they didn't have anything available in the floor plane we wanted. They had one without the sunroom but with the loft. I was willing to take that though because it would be in our price range. So I thought I would settle and then maybe move into the bigger one when it was available. So I called back the next day and someone had taken it. They didn't have anything available for the foreseeable future. So..... I was just at a lost and was feeling a little helpless because I couldn't find anything else in our price range that was nice and big. I begin to think that it was a sign that maybe we shouldn't move yet. And then..... she called me about 3 days later and asked if we found a place. When I told her no she said they had one of the original floor plans that I wanted available!Someone just got up and left their apartment and she wanted to give us the opportunity to have it first! Then about 2 days later she sent me the contract and said that they had just lowered the price and she would give me the lower price! How awesome :) Bad news is it's on the 3rd floor so dealing with the kids is going to be interesting.... but God totally worked it out! We are super excited!

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  1. Wow, God worked that out perfect for you! I think the third floor is safer though.. They say never to go with the first floor in an apartment. AND nobody above you right?!