Thursday, December 9, 2010

32 week appointment

I had my 32 week appointment today. Everything is still going pretty good. With everything that is going on I've been crazy stressed this week, so I'm hoping that that is the reason but when I got there my blood pressure was up to 134/90. This concerned them obviously since it's such a rise in what it's been the whole time. So they turned out the lights and made me lay still for about 20 minutes. They then retook it and it was down to 120/80. This is better but is still higher than it has been. I'm trying to not be concerned but I was so looking forward to not dealing with that this time and now that I have to switch doctors right at the end it just concerns me. I am still having horrible pain from my symphysis pubis dysfunction. I can't roll over at night and I watch up pretty much in tears a couple times at night. Doctor gave me some ambien for sleeping and some vicotin for the pain. However, the vioctin made me feel really really weird so I'm not taking it anymore. He did offer me pecocet, but this is a lot harder on the baby so I am going to try to hold off taking that for a minute. Anyway, I am at 30 pounds of gain for the whole pregnancy. My stomach has officially taken over! Someone asked me the other day if I was having twins. She asked this in not a nice way and I almost smacked her! Anyway, I will try to have Randy take a picture soon but that's it for now! I am still measuring exactly right and she heartbeat was 150. Oh, so weird since my stomach muscles had split she can actually reach up through the muscles sometimes and she's been moving my belly button with her foot her hand. It is a really weird sensations and looks really weird! Can't wait for my mommy make over!!!!


  1. Wow, that is crazy that she is moving your button! haha! Mommy make over mean sewing the muscles back?

  2. Yes, a plastic surgeon can corset the muscles back together, and he'll do that during a tummy tuck!