Monday, December 13, 2010

getting ready for another one!

A couple weeks ago we purchased a van! We've been looking around for a while. We were hoping to get a Pilot, but right now this is going to work for our family the best! Here's a picture. I'm officially a soccer mom!


  1. I love-love-love my Chrysler Town & Country Touring! It makes me happier than any car could! I don't care that I am 26 with a van (actually, I got it at 24, hehehe).. You will love it!!! The space is just great & you can get up and move around if you need to on the road (I have to go back there sometimes to dig stuff out while Mike is driving)!

    Enjoy it!!!! Welcome to the club!!!

  2. It's a pretty color.
    But, um, don't you have to have kids in soccer to be a soccer mom? I was a martial arts mom in mine. So what else can we call you? With J-bug it would have to have something to do with pink for sure. ;)

  3. prob a ballerina mom! but there is ender so we'll have to see what he gets into :)