Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th, 2010

Well it has been 2 years since Dad died today. He has missed so much. I have changed so much in those two years, as has our family. He has missed 3 grandchildren (including the one inside me now!). That is the worst part for sure. I can miss him, but I have those years to remember. The daddy/daughter dates and how patient and loving he was. It's almost sad that I only have 2 memories of him as a child being upset at me. It breaks my heart to see Julietta growing up without him. He would've been so great with her and loved on her like there was no tomorrow. The boys he would have as well. I know on the other side of this world I will understand the big picture of why he got sick, and why he could not be here with us but now I do not. Why was my dad robbed of the opportunity to be a grandfather and who would not have taken it for granted and then there are the ones that really seem to not care at all?!
Anyway, 2 years goes by fast and take every moment with the ones you love to be dear, our futures are not certain. Here's a picture the last Christmas the kids spent with dad.


  1. Amy,

    This photo is so beautiful and precious. Life is so fragile and we have to treasure every single aspect of it when it comes to those we love.
    I really like this post, it is so thoughtful.

  2. I came back to this post again to show Mike & Ashley. Your dad's story is really special and I can't even imagine the love you all have in your hearts for him and he for you.