Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Adventure

I am embarking on a new adventure. I am trying to be a creative memories consultant now! I contacting a lady at our church who sells creative memories because I wanted to get back into scrap booking. I needed a hobby BAD. So, I thought that would be a productive one and one that would help us with all our pictures! Once I started talking to her and realized it would only cost about 10 dollars to get started I thought why the heck not! I would get 30% off of anything I wanted and I get 30% back on everything I sell. I am super excited. I am really hoping that I can make it work this time. Even if I only make enough to pay for my books and supplies that would be awesome. But, if I could make a little extra for fun money that would be so great! We could really use it, even just for date night!
So all that to say if anyone would like to order some creative memories items please just let me know!

I am having my first party this coming friday! I am a little nervous but super excited!

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