Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all! It was a wonderful Easter for the Mackey family this year for several reasons. First off it's always wonderful to reflect on Christ and the resurrection. Second off this is the first year that we've really had a church family to celebrate with. And finally our family was complete because Randy got home the day before! Julietta woke up to an Easter basket filled with Jelly Beans, Hershey's kisses and eggs, sour worms, and a princess wand, princess crown, and a tinker bell hippity hop!
Julietta got to wear a "real" princess dress to church and she loved that! Ender manses did not really know any different. We all woke up early, and got to hang out and drink some coffee and then we went to church and then really just hung out. We did not do anything real big since Randy had just got home. I actually did not even cook an Easter dinner. Randy wanted some Sonic so that is what we did (I got the grilled chicken sandwich and a diet cherry limeade).
Here are some pictures from Easter.
Ender manses!!!!!
Sweet Princess of ours!
Daddy surprised Julietta with the packet of the Disney Barbies!
Princess Julietta is SO happy to have her Prince back!
My sweet family is complete again!

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