Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet little Julietta!

God has been working in Julietta lately and it's so neat to see! She has just started to come to grasp and understand some things, and she has also started to ask a lot of tough questions. Now is one of those many times that I wish dad were alive! I know he must be very happy to see his little princess starting to grow in Christ but I wish he were here to talk to her!
Anyway, when we were talking about Easter I was trying to explain that Jesus died for us and then on Easter he became alive again, and that is why we celebrate because Jesus is alive! Well, I think with a lot of kids the talk would end there. However, Julietta thought for a moment and goes does that mean that Papa is alive now too? Very hard to explain the concept of alive but not here to a 3 year old while also explaining that Jesus literally became alive on this earth again and that is why we celebrate!
Yesterday she came downstairs so excited and just said Guess what mom! "God painted our blood red and then he put it inside of us, then God put our skin on and he painted it tan. Then God put our hair on and he painted mine blonde, and then my tiny eye black, and then the other eye he painted brown with green. Then he painted my lips pink and my fingernails too! How cool is that?!" Seriously exactly like this!
Then yesterday afternoon she looks at me and said "Does God talk?" I said Yes he sure does. Then she said "But why can't I hear him!?" How do you answer that one!?
Anyway, I am loving watching this love of God and her learning happening. She is so sweet and has such a tender heart and spirit. We love her so much! I am praying that God uses her to do some big things for his kingdom!


  1. Love it when the kids get to this age! What a blessing she is to you, and you to her!

    Big hugs!