Sunday, November 14, 2010


So weird, but my sciatic nerve has been acting up the past two days. Please pray that it goes away fast. I had this with Julietta and it only lasted about a week or so. I did not get it with Ender, so I don't know what's normal but when I look it up it says it normally goes away within 6 weeks. I can't do 6 weeks of this. Of course I can if I have to, but it's very difficult right now. Randy is on a weird schedule and is not awake during the day to work on his portfolio and so I am really left to do everything by myself expect bedtime and getting them up in the morning. Since Ender is still not walking and we have stairs I am lifting a 25 pound baby a lot. This is really really painful with sciatica, but also since it's almost like a knife going into my back I'm scared I'll drop him or fall or something. So...... please pray that it goes away soon so I can take care of my other babies!

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