Tuesday, November 9, 2010

28 weeks doctor appointment

I had my 28 week appointment a little early this week. I took the glucose test and everything came back normal. The antibody is still too low to even tighten! And..... my blood pressure was still 108/70. Praise the Lord! My blood pressure has never been this low going into the third trimester. I am praying it keeps not being a problem. This has definitely been my best pregnancy yet! One weird thing is my Vitamin D is crazy low. So they called in a prescription for me. I have to take it and try to get my level up. They said my level was 17 and it's supposed to be at least 34. I keep gaining weight. I don't even know right now, I think I am in between 22-25 pounds. Depressing. Little girl's heart rate was in the 140 and my FH was right on track! The Doc did give me a heavy pain med to try for the pelvic pain. Because it is not the safest I can only take it every now and then. I can not take it all the time and I can only take it at night because it will knock me out! The past week my pelvic pain has actually been pretty good, just my back has been hurting. I am feel large and in charge though. The grossest thing about pregnancy is when you can feel your stomach on your legs and that happened this week! Also I have been having crazy amounts of discharge. TMI I know, but just another fun fact of pregnancy. We are still not settled in on a name, but we have added even more so vote on your favorite and I will most likely do another one with the added names when this one ends! Randy ordered a car seat for us as a surprise. He got another Recaro! I am not sure what we are going to do about cribs. Ender will only be 17 months and that's too early to go into a big boy bed, but I don't know about buying another crib. I have bought some girl clothes though because they are so dag on cute. I need a whole new batch anyway since I had given some away, but Julietta was the total opposite season so nothing from her first year works!


  1. So exciting! Not too much farther to go Amy!


  2. So glad that your tests are coming back good. At least that is something you don't have to be worrying about.

  3. SUCH good news on your tests! Maybe you could buy a convertible crib/bed for the next one?