Thursday, October 21, 2010


Names are so hard to come up with! I think especially now that we have two kiddos. We are having such a hard time coming up with a name that is just as unique as Julietta and Ender but not weird. I think we have a middle name as long as the first name we pick out goes along with it! I kinda wish we hadn't used Laurel on Julietta.... however I do love how the two of those go together. Anyway.... if you have any suggestions I'm open :)

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  1. Why not Riley or Lauren. Or Riley Lauren Mackey. I don't know, It is kind of a unique name. My name is Mylena, that is very unique. I like the name Ella also, and I know a person who put together the name Ella Blue! I don't know, I always thought that was really cute. What do you think?

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