Friday, October 15, 2010

24 weeks doc appointment

Just got back and everything is look good. My fh is measuring at 24 weeks, my blood pressure was 118/72 and little girls heartbeat was at 147 :) I gained 4 pounds since my last appointment. I talked to him about the pelvic pain again, and he said try taking 2 extra strength tylenol every 6 hours and seeing if that helps. So we are going to try that! I asked him how early they would do the c-section and he said 39 weeks. So it looks like the baby's birthday will be January 28th. If we are still here and need it earlier they might do it at 38 weeks, but they really don't like doing that. So...... we just need prayer that we will be ready to move right when Randy gets out, so I can be established with another doctor, or that God will have a job lined up so we don't have leave until after the baby is born. I'm scared of moving cross country with only 3 weeks to go!