Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Julietta picking a pumpkin at school!

Julietta's class this week is having a fall parade. In order to prepare they went to the church's pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins and helped pick out one perfect one for their class to carve. I can't wait to see the parade Friday. Randy and I are going with the video camera, and she is so excited. She tells me they've been practicing waving, and singing, and walking!

Had to post this picture because it was soooo cute :)
Julietta and one of her friends picking out the perfect pumpkin for them to carve!

Her class!!!! and her class again!


  1. how cute!! Anna's school is having a parade thursday but her class is too young to participate-- i am so bummed but sending her in her costume anyway!

  2. Wow, Julietta's school seems pretty amazing! They are always doing something neat!!!