Thursday, September 2, 2010

never take for granted

Sometimes I get frustrated. Today was one of those days. Randy left for a long weekend and the kids have been going a little crazy lately. Ender has learned to climb the stairs and still is refusing to learn the word no, so I have to follow up him and down all day. So I was a little fried tonight! Well I went to look at a blog I follow and man oh man was I convicted. This mother just lost her 7 year old son 9 weeks ago to CF. The pain she is going through I can just feel and I bawl everytime I read her post. Randy hates that I make myself even more upset about stuff, but it's good for me too. After I read I realized why had I been frustrated. Why I am selfish? I should cherish every moment that God gives me with my kids and only want more. I don't want to be the mom that is frustrated and pushes her kids away. I want to show an endless flow of love and support and be there as much as they allow me. Since they are so young they want me there all the time. I know that all too soon there will be a day when they want their space and I will have to give it to them. So, this is my reminder to myself to take all I can get and soak it up and never take one single day for granted!


  1. It's true. I struggle with being the 'efficient' mom and the stop and snuggle mom. Take the moments and enjoy them, and try not to beat yourself up.
    (And get a gate!) :)

  2. Our stairs are weird and there's no way to put a gate on the up stairs. We have one going down, but not going up!

  3. You're an outstanding mom, Amy! You're entitled to get frustrated just like everyone else, and you're frustrations, stresses, & worries are just as important to God as everyone else's too! You're human, and you're allowed to have crazy days where you just want to pull your hair's great that you have a humble heart about it though. Thanks for making my day...